About Us

In business, we can often spend a lot of time cutting through the noise, in order to get to know people and understand who they really are.

Net Hub is a platform designed to help the business community make the most out of networks, networking and business relationships.

The only way to strengthen relationships is by taking a very transparent approach to the way in which we do business.

Our whole company culture is built on valued relationships whether that be with our employees, trading partners or investors. This is at the heart of everything we do which is why Net Hub users choose to build their business on Net Hub and their profile on social media.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a community of like-minded business people who can help each other create profitable, long term relationships. 

We created Net Hub to give businesses the tools to achieve this by using the features and reap the benefits.

Our mission

Our mission is to help the business community assess and grow the value of their network and use this information as part of their overall business development strategy.

Our values

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