May Net Hub App feature upgrades

Update Net Hub in your App Store to take advantage of our latest features!

New features are now available to download on our app that make it simple and easy for you to use, to help you transform your network and turn it into a serious revenue generator.

Menu reorder

The menu has been updated and the names have now changed to ensure it is easier for you to navigate when using the Net Hub platform.

Lead Update

We have improved the lead-passing process to ensure you can record all your incoming and outgoing business in seconds!

Lead Auto-tagging

When passing a Lead to someone in the same group or organisation the Net Hub platform now automatically tags the correct group without the need for you to select.

Lead Types renamed

Lead Types can be one of the following:
– Potential Customer
– Reseller/Distributor
– Strategic Partner
– Useful Introduction

Lead Values all Types

All lead types have a value assignment option

Passing a Lead

When passing a lead, you can:

  • Send a lead to a non-Net Hub contact
  • Add lead contact details of Net Hub user
  • Single page lead add with much less items to complete

Finally, you can now add your profile picture on the app so please ensure you do so to maximise your chance of getting more business!

If you need any support or have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us here.