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Manage everything in one place:

Using Net Hub will improve operational efficiency
and add significant value to your members.


How Does Net Hub Help Networking Group Owners?

Member Management

Event Ticketing, Management & Promotion

Subscription Management

Profitability Analysis

Lead Tracking & Analysis

Streamline Member Communications

A set of tools, accessed via one login that:

Net Hub helps create more engaged networks and builds more profitable relationships between members.

The Invisible Opportunity Cost

Networking groups are often managed using a variety of different applications, which can sometimes be both costly and time-consuming. This tends to have a direct impact on margins and can often hinder the growth of a networking business. 

We believe Net Hub can not only help with the efficient management of groups on an ongoing basis but it can also help grow networking organisations without the need to franchise or relinquish overall control.

Turbo Charge Your Community

Social media, CRM, spreadsheets and external messaging platforms are often the main tools used by networking groups owners and their members.

What this approach doesn’t give you are the tools to build the best network possible. This is where Net Hub comes in.

Key Features & Benefits:

Our administrator accounts are there to help you drive community engagement.

Your dashboard gives you all the statistics you need for performance analysis

Each group has its own tracking codes for members to use when passing leads

Members can chat with each other on an ongoing basis in a safe, moderated environment

Seamlessly manage & track all your groups in one place

Inform all or just some of your members of the latest news or events

Publish then update your entry details on an ongoing basis, promote your groups to all Net Hub users

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